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Hip Hop Bling Jewelry

ICED OUT BIZ provides you a huge selection of Bling Bling & Hip Hop Jewelry, Grillz, Shamballas, Necklaces and Pendants, Watches, Rings and more. Our items are designed in-house and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Everything is engineered to be very affordable. Every item you see on our site can be custom made in real diamonds and solid gold. Save money by buying direct from the source and cutting out the jewelry store middleman.

We use the highest quality lab made synthetic stones called cubic zirconia. They look just like real diamonds and gemstones without damage to the environment or violence. We use inexpensive metals like brass and real sterling silver, then give it a thick coat of gold or rhodium. So what you get is a finished item that looks identical to something that would cost thousands of dollars. No one would know the difference but you.

ICED OUT BIZ items have been featured in music videos, television, professional photoshoots and movies. Our items are distributed mainly through our site. Be sure to check back on the site often as we add new items weekly. Follow us on social media for the latest updates, sales and giveaways.