Trucker Cap

The trucker cap is a cult. It combines comfort with a freshen look and is popular not only among rappers and hip hoppers. For people who want to underline their individual style, the trucker cap is just the rightaccessory. Incidentally, it is the trucker cap with low and high profiles of many colors, from classic black toturquoise and green. Very recently, the trucker cap in plaid design. Here is dominated by subtle tones like black, white, khaki, beige or brown. Even the plain-colored, patterned trucker cap reflects a lot of style.

Whatever your favorite design always offers you a wide selection of many different models.Including many brand-name products. The trucker cap is cut very much like the baseball cap. In contrast tothis, however, it has the side or backwards out of mesh inserts. Thus it remains under the cap even in hot weather pleasantly cool. With a clip closure, you can customize your trucker cap to the head size -guarantees optimum fit.

Casquettes - Trucker

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