Bijoux soins

Cleaning: To clean all of our sterling silver / silver / white gold / or gold plated jewelry we advise you to use a specialised jewelry cleaning cloth. You can find it on Please be aware that we do not advise you getting any of this jewelry wet, all jewelry including sterling silver may tarnish if wet. Also do not use any silver cleaner that is liquid, hence getting your jewelry wet.

Securing the stones: Upon reception of your jewelry or watches we advise you to secure your stones in place. This process will make sure the stones will not fall out of setting, and will have maximum bling bling. Get any CLEAR nail polish. Put one thin layer over the stones on your piece and let the polish dry. You will immediately see the stones BLING more. Put one more thin layer and let it dry again. Now you have secured the stones.

For the longest and safest storage , we advise you to store your items in a dry airtight place when items are not worn.

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